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SamCart vs Kajabi | Which Course Platform Has it All?

SamCart vs Kajabi

The short answer is neither.

But when comparing SamCart vs Kajabi you do have two very distinct options to choose from, and whether you should go with one or the other (or both) is entirely dependent upon the products you intend to sell, the experience you want your customers to have, and your revenue goals.

So let’s dig in and see where each platform excels and where each lacks.

To start with, Kajabi was initially created because it’s founder needed an easy way to sell his online courses and wasn’t able to find what he was looking for.

SamCart, on the other hand was initially started as a tool to help you sell more products.

Kajabi and since evolved into far more than a course platform while SamCart has chosen to add courses to it’s already robust conversion optimization platform.

Both platforms do allow you to sell virtually any type of digital product you can think of, but with SamCart you can also sell physical products. Therefore, if you plan to sell strictly physical products, you can rule out Kajabi as an option for you.

If your plan is to sell digital products only, then please read on. But first let’s take a look at Kajabi vs SamCart in a side-by-side feature comparison.

Platform Features
Web Builder
Allows you create a full website home page, blog, navigation menu, contact page, etc.
3rd Party Integration
Built-in Email Marketing3rd Party Integration
Built-in CRM3rd Party Integration
Built-in Membership Platform3rd Party Integration
Built-in Affiliate Center
Allows marketers to sell your products for you
A/B Split-testing
Payment CollectionStripe
Apple & Google Pay
ReportingSales Reporting
Page Conversion Report
Sales Channel Report
Failed Charges Report
Sales Reporting
Can Edit for Mobile
Course Features
Customizable Course Blueprints
Can create quizzes for students
Optional grade requirement before advancing
Allows students to submit file uploads as answers
Allows for Instructor Feedback on Quizzes
Create Worksheets to go with Lessons
Selling Features
What You Can SellDigital Products
Physical Products
Digital Products Only
One-Page Sales Funnel
Checkout Process1-Step CheckoutMulti-Step Checkout
Upsell FeaturesPost-Purchase 1-Click Upsells
Multiple Upsells
Post-Purchase 1-Click Downsells
Upsell Page Editor
Payment Options on Upsell Pages
PayPal with 1-Click Upsells
Pre-Purchase Order Bumps
Post-Purchase 1-Click Upsells
Zapier Integration
Free 14-Day Trial

SamCart vs Kajabi for Course Building

Winner: Kajabi

First of all, if you’re starting your course from scratch, Kajabi’s course blueprints are a huge advantage. Not only does Kajabi provide customizable course templates, but each template also has sample text that provide content ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Kajabi Course Template

With SamCart you’ll need to design the entire framework of your course yourself, which will cost you a lot of time and mental energy.

Both SamCart and Kajabi allow you to use multiple forms of media (video, audio, and downloadable files) to create online courses.

However, with Kajabi you get Wistia included with your membership and can even upload videos to Wisia using Kajabi’s app. With SamCart you’ll have to upload your video’s to a 3rd party platform before adding them to your course.

Both SamCart and Kajabi allow you to create quizzes and even allow you to set a minimum score needed before a student may advance.

SamCart’s quizzes can be optional or required and are multiple choice or text response. SamCart also has worksheets that can be created to go along with each lesson.

Kajabi doesn’t have a worksheet feature that I could find, but it does take quizzes a step further by allowing students to submit various files types as answers and giving the instructor the ability to provide feedback.

SamCart vs Kajabi Course Building Bottom Line:
If you want to build a course that looks great, has templates and blueprints to get you started, and allows you to be more engaged with your students, you should definitely consider Kajabi.

SamCart vs Kajabi for other digital products

Winner: Kajabi

Kajabi doesn’t stop at courses either. With Kajabi you also get blueprints for mini-courses, coaching programs, ebooks, memberships sites, as well as a platform for creating podcast.

SamCart vs Kajabi for Optimizing Sales and Maximizing Customer Value

Winner: SamCart

Let’s take a look at why.

SamCart vs Kajabi for Checkout Process

If your goal is to optimize your sales funnel and make as many sales possible, SamCart may be the answer.

In fact, SamCart claims to have doubled the sales for Kajabi users after they added SamCart for their checkout process. Also, according to SamCart, some Kajabi users claim to have lost sales because Kajabi’s checkout process is so complicated.

With SamCart you have a 1-page sales funnel. Meaning the entire checkout process happens on just one page. Naturally, the fewer clicks required for someone to convert the better their chances of converting. This alone gives a big nod to SamCart.

SamCart vs Kajabi for Upsells and Order bumps

While Kajabi does give you the ability to add a single 1-click upsell, with SamCart you can add as many presale upsells and order bumps as you like. According to SamCart their testing has shown that having more options for upselling increases average order size.

SamCart also gives you the option for post-purchase 1-click downsells as well.

With SamCart you can also offer multiple payment options.

According to SamCart this one feature alone boosts sales up to 17.8 percent.

Affiliate Programs

Finally, when it comes to maximizing sales, both SamCart and Kajabi have built in affiliate tools.

This gives internet (affiliate) marketers the ability to sell your products for you. All sales made by your affiliates are tracked and the platforms pay them a commission for each sell. Both platforms make this pretty simple. Just create your products, decide how much commission you want to offer, and with just a few more clicks your affiliate business will be up and running.

SamCart vs Kajabi as a total solution

Winner: Kajabi

If you’re looking for the simplest way to launch a full business that looks very polished and professional, and has everything else you need to get started, Kajabi is the clear winner.

With Kajabi you can build a full website, create and sell all of your digital products, setup an email campaign, and manage your customer base, all from one dashboard, with zero coding and no integrations needed.

But the good news is that you don’t have to choose one or the other. SamCart and Kajabi integrate with each other to give you the best of both worlds. SamCart’s onboarding team will even help you integrate Kajabi so that both platforms work seamlessly together.

Therefore, once you have everything setup on Kajabi, I’d recommend giving SamCart’s free trial a shot. Compare your sales using each platforms checkout pages and then determine if adding SamCart permanently makes sense for you. You can also read our full SamCart Reviews here.

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    1. We haven’t had a lot of hands-on experience with lead generation, yet. However, I have heard good things about HubSpot. I know for certain that it has an option for free or limited versions of a product with a path to upsell. Also, there is a HubSpot/SamCart integration. Wish we could help more! What avenues are you exploring?

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